For App Development, Web or UI Design projects -- Our shop is always open. We give our
clients the best, our 100% and ensure professionalism all through the way. We deliver in
time and follow the right procedures and processes from start to finish.


To create great products, it’s vital to have a great plan. And Flavoursoft ensures to plan out the look and feel of whatever web or mobile app project we embark on. We put ourselves in the user’s shoes and develop what works and appeals to them.

After a great plan we know exactly what we want to design. And so next we have our designers come up with the best visual outlook in line with our goals and vision. A great User Interface (UI) is highly essential for a successful website or mobile app and so we do the best job. 

 We use great tools like Sketch, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD in our design work.

Tools like Adobe XD help us come up with a quick working prototype that our clients can see as a preview. It provides a real visualization of how the functioning site will, not only look but also work. This way, our clients can evaluate and get involved in the process all along the way. Such a tool helps us in our effectiveness and delivering excellently.

With a working UI created we go on to make it functional through adding lines of code to it. Our web developers skilled at HTML, PHP, Java etc. are among the best at creating clean lines of code that works optimally across all platforms.

Our website or apps then go through thorough testing to ensure it performs smoothly as conceived before it is cleared for use and can go live. We put it through different conditions and users and ensure it performs gracefully before we sign our work as done.

And finally, when all is cleared and done; we are happy and can now gladly decide on the most suitable date and time to launch it live for public use.

After a successful launch and adoption by users, we don’t end there — we go on to continue to track and measure the usage of the product. We test and analyze users’ actions and monitor how they interact with the app; we check Google analytics and webmaster tools for clues and understanding on ways we can improve on the design and then tweak it for an even better performance and increase in user adoption. 


Personal Sites

As an individual (e.g. as a speaker, writer or a professional of some sort) you might wish to have a special site designed for you to help you run your service much better, well you can come to us for a special site design. We design sites for people who are passionate about what they do and wish to reach a new audience.


Get a great eCommerce website designed for you fast, efficiently and made secure. We have the solution -- all you need is tell us what you want to do. We will create a site that helps visitors relate with your products quickly and catch their interest.


We create fresh and intuitive Content Management Systems or customise off-the-shelf CMS's for clients looking for a very simplified and easier interface to manage and update their content online.


Up your blogging game with an exceptional blog design -- that projects your personality and appeals to the audience you target. we don't just design websites -- we brand you. we listen and give you what you seek!

Corporate Website

Businesses need to look professional, project an image and deliver information and successfully appeal to their clients. With a befitting website you can achieve that. We design websites for business corporations.

Portfolio sites

Business cards are gradually becoming a passing fad -- portfolio sites are now the in-thing. If you've got skills, then time to lay them out on a portfolio site. We help package what you've got, and present you as a brand to the world for all to see and come find you. Come for a portfolio site now! Reach clients with little effort.



If you have any great idea for banking or finance, you can come to us for the app design. We will help you brainstorm and create a product that will serve your purpose, aims and objectives.


Tech startups and firms can come to us for app design and development. Whatever the industry you provide solutions for. We can also upgrade on UI/UX work alone.


Churches can get specialized apps designed for any type of need or purpose i.e especially as it pertains to the running of a ministry. We provide solutions to whatever need or requirement given.


Improve your business flow by coming to us for customised solutions. We can design apps that help your business run better. Tracking supply, stock, payments etc


We provide solutions for Government too. We can create apps that help government officials perform their duties better and even empower citizens in tracking the progress made.


Brands want apps that help them provide more engaging services to their customers. We design such apps too.

And More...

What project do you have in mind?

Whether UI/UX design or App dev or Web design — bring it on!


We provide clients with brand content and plant their flag firmly on social media space. Like a rocket we shoot your brand up. 


Increase your number of followers and create genuine engagements. 

We can help increase traffic to product sites or help sell your product by bringing in clients.

We help startups, artists or any brand with content creation for social media

Internet marketing and leads generations.


Get world class cinematography, editing, direction or concept design  services etc. for any project you have in mind. As a business brand, or Individual e.g music star, popular brand, or product launch.

  • Shoots for music videos
  • Corporate videos for companies
  • PowerPoint slides design for presentations
  • Adverts for TV, or Web (YouTube, Facebook etc)
  • Content production (video) for business Facebook pages etc
  • Short Films or documentary.


Start your brand by partnering with us. We have professionals who understand branding and can help you evolve a befitting look to your business. Something that stands out and make you unique, special and recognizable. Graphics, Logos, Colors etc. Come speak to us. 


Our doors are open to individuals who are passionate about learning and acquiring skills. We train both professionals and
beginners in IT. We turn newbies to experts and upgrade professionals. We expose professionals to new technologies and
methodologies — new ways of doing things or new career paths open to them in the world of tech.


Development tools
Latest trends in web design/development
Productivity tools and industry practices


Computer Programming

Web Design

App Development

Mentorship and career guidance


Let’s lift a lot of weight off your shoulders — Flavoursoft will help get done any project you have; too big for
you or your group to handle by providing the human resources you need.
We can help you find and recruit professionals for work or in directing and managing a project.
One of our core strength after all is getting things done in time and in the most efficient way possible.


We are your go-to spot for creative solutions, concepts and strategy. We help businesses arrive at where they want to go; creatively and as a brand. We’ve got the tools, the professionals and the experience behind us.

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