Who We Are

We are a hub of creative minds. We create and provide solutions to problems. We drive the Nigerian industry forward by building products and rendering services that are truly revolutionary and impacts lives.

Our Mission

We are a hub of creative minds. We create and provide solutions to problems. We drive the Nigerian industry forward by building products and rendering services that are truly revolutionary and impacts lives.

Our Vision

To set the standard. And become an example of true excellence in the country. A spot where creative ideas get incubated and then set free to fly!


Is really like a strategic partner you should go for in your business pursuits.
At Flavoursoft our mission is simple – we place you above your rivals and business peers through
strategic solutions and effective products we create.

Our line of services ranges from IT to Multimedia content creation.
We design Websites, develop Apps, create Media content for diverse industries; from
entertainment to the corporate world and also provide digital marketing/branding services for
clients via social media.

We help Brand, Build and Beat the competition for our clients — cause we’ve truly got the magic sauce;

we go as far as understudy the audience, watch the market climate and understand the
ordinary user our clients are seeking to reach and develop effective solutions that are truly
helpful, vital to their lives and make a difference.

If this is in line with your interest and vision then you have a partner in us and should work with us.
Whatever the project or problem, Flavoursoft is available and ready to take it head-on and
find the solution you seek.

Why You should Choose Us

— We do things differently–

Trusted Solutions Provider

We provide IT solutions you won’t find anywhere else; we have depth of knowledge and expertise. 
As professionals, we’ve been providing solutions for clients for over 10 years.
And evolve according to modern trends & tools. We are Agile and versatile.


As a consulting company, clients trust our judgment. We are a go-to spot for creative, out of the box thinking. 
We train other professionals and organize workshops to help tech enthusiasts grow with us.
We are always try to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Speedy Delivery and Quality

Whatever we develop are done with excellence and good speed. We do things in good time; don’t deliver half-baked jobs or products that are anything short of excellent. When our products are developed and deployed it is first class and ready to run. Cause we research and do our homework!

Our Core Values

Our Core Values That Make Us Professional

Our products and solutions are of the highest grade, first in class and highly competitive wherever they are deployed or displayed.

We plan and do our research before coming up with a solution. We do not just offer services from old knowledge or approach. Our solutions are tailored to the client’s needs and current state of things.

Our clients remain our top priority. We work towards ensuring their satisfaction in the job done. We deliver works that solves their problem and their happiness is our business.

Ours is a team of people given freedom and space to create and come up with solutions. We put no restriction on imagination. We are a hub for creative thinkers and solution providers.


Providing the Best IT Solutions For Growing Your Business

More Than 10+ Years of Practical Experience Creating and Deploying Solutions

We’ve always been building things and providing solutions. With over 10 years of engaging in practical projects — we know our stuff. We use the latest tools and adapt to change. We have a very flexible approach to how we work and so adopt new technologies and techniques as they come.

Our philosophy is simple – “to evolve with technology and use the best tools for the job”.
We are not static or believe in sticking to just the old ways of doing things we are always agile and ready to incorporate new styles and thinking.

Our users come first and the need of clients is our priority. This dictates to us what needs to be done and how we can approach our design.

While we provide solutions, we are always learning, never resting on our laurels but always trying to push the limit of what is possible.

We train other professionals and keep the flame alive. We always seek to build people as much as we build solutions and give back to the open source community via training, tutorials and code sharing.


We are your go-to spot for creative solutions, concepts and strategy. We help businesses arrive at where they want to go; creatively and as a brand. We’ve got the tools, the professionals and the experience behind us.

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No 6B, Majekodumi street off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.