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We provide exceptional solutions for web, mobile app design, branding, multimedia content creation, social media marketing services and for diverse industries and clients.

Creative Solutions

Whether website design, app development, UI/UX design, social media
marketing or multimedia content creation, we create products that cut across
users and help our clients achieve their business aims.

Effective Consulting

We have experienced minds open to dialogue and engage with our clients through social media, phone, and direct face-to-face meetings.

Best Outsourcing Route

We provide support by helping other companies assemble a creative team to work and collaborate on a project and get the job done to taste (no pun intended)

Our Services

As a Truly Professional Agency — Flavoursoft offers a range of services that
makes us stand out as a first-class and a formidable go-to spot.


We design sites that connect with real people; that help brands meet their target. We also offer updates and maintenance of sites as a service -- so a site is up to standard, safe and secure.


We build apps for clients with the best technologies and state-of-the-art tools. Whether for mobile or web, we deliver quality results. Apps built are ensured to be optimized on every platform, clean and user-friendly.


We create great experiences for users on apps -- mobile or web. Clients looking to increase app adoptions by users come to us for solutions. We implement better user interfaces and create great app experiences.

Social media Marketing

Ever in need of a professional third party handling your social media affairs, helping you generate leads, fans or followers? Well, we can handle this quite well. We provide clients with brand content and plant their flag firmly on social media space.

Industries We Cater To

We bring solutions for all kinds of Industry and Market — Banking, Health, Education,
Agriculture, Entertainment, Finance, Media, Tourism, Hospitality…etc.


Apps run the world and the finance world is not left out. Many credit lending companies now run their services through mobile apps and keep their users up to date with the latest information through a befitting website. if you seek to create apps that
run across all platforms and optimized then you need to talk to us.


Run a hospital? Why not create a database application where you could run your hospital more efficiently. Perhaps track your drug inventory and restock in time. You can have access to your patient’s medical records etc. The possibilities are endless. Whatever implementation you seek we have solutions.


We empower education.
We provide solutions for schools or individuals thinking of offering education as a service and in need of ideas on how best to carry it out in this modern age.
We provide tailored tools and systems that speeds up the running of a school uniquely or even make learning in the classroom easier.

Media & Entertainment

As part of our services, we create content that improves a business brand’s profile. This is done through content creation for social media or TV. We brainstorm and create viral content for clients including corporate videos, ads or cinematic productions for artists/brands needing visual contents to capture the imaginations of potential customers.

I.T Start-Ups

Startups looking to gain a competitive edge in the industry come to us for ideas and strategy. We are a center for ideas where people can collaborate and find a home/partner to imagine and evolve a product with. Creativity is the spirit that drives us. We are always open to new challenges and solutions we can offer. We help run and get things started.

And more...

We’re always building products that cater to the needs of individuals and companies through software design and IT solutions. We are experts at what we do and we create products that are fit for brands. We are open to provide solutions to any industry seeking to do things the 21st century way. So contact us and let’s talk about the project you have in mind.

Other Services

Here are other cool services we render


We teach newbies and professionals alike coding and app development. And on our Facebook and YouTube page, we provide tips and tutorials on different subjects and topics. But interested folks who want to go deeper through the whole process and foundations of programming will prefer taking the IT course training programs we offer on-premises.

Multimedia Development

Want to create content for your brand; be it promotional videos, TV commercials and more? Flavoursoft has the solutions you need. We are masters at creating outstanding visual content and can help you execute your brand ideas and values to viewers. We can create short films or even shows that can help your brand increase awareness and reach diverse audiences.

Corporate branding

Want to create a unique identity for your business? Something that makes you stand out from the crowd and easily recognizable? Flavoursoft can help you come up with a befitting brand look; be it logo, color choices and visual imagery. we understand the psychology behind brand marketing. How to engage users and get them identify with your brand.

Outsourcing Service

Have a project needing a very large team for work? Are you looking to get capable professionals to join other professionals and form a formidable team for work? Flavoursoft is your best outsourcing route. We provide support by helping other companies assemble a creative team to collaborate and work on a project.

So let's talk about your next project

Have an idea or problem you want a creative solution for?


We are your go-to spot for creative solutions, concepts and strategy. We help businesses arrive at where they want to go; creatively and as a brand. We’ve got the tools, the professionals and the experience behind us.

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